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RCI & INTERVAL INTERNATIONAL manages the lion's share of exchanges, they are not the only ones around. Indeed, some of the independent exchange companies have carved out of significant niche for themselves.

There are two major exchange companies; Resort Condominiums International (RCI) & Interval International (II). RCI has more resorts to exchange with. II has, some say, a higher quality of resorts overall. In my opinion it's six of one, and a half dozen of the other.

The Exchange Companies have designated special awards or ratings to signify excellence and have set-up rigorous qualifications for the resorts to adhere to, in order to receive those awarded ratings.

  • RCI has designations of Gold Crown (the best, expect luxury) and Silver Crown (just a step below a Gold Crown) and Hospitality (just what it sounds like, don't expect a ton of amenities). If it is a standard resort, no designation is made in our descriptions.
  • Interval International rating of excellence- Elite Resorts are the very best of Interval’s network, Premier Resorts have the highest level of recognition and Select Resorts provide a great vacation experience.

Finding out the true quality is simple; Go to www.rci.com and www.intervalworld.com and see what guests have to say, in the Review Sections.