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Learn how Timeshare Really Works

The purpose of this Introduction is to help timeshare owners understand some of the basic concepts and features of timesharing, and, thereby, obtain more value and enjoyment from timeshare ownership.

Exchanges and Ratings

RCI & INTERVAL INTERNATIONAL manages the lion's share of exchanges, They are not the only ones around. Indeed, some of the independent exchange companies have carved out a significant niche for themselves.

Timeshare Calendar

Many timeshares are available in one-week intervals, which are numbered 1-52. These calendars let you look up a week number to see its check in date for a particular year.

Timeshare Glossary

Dictionary definitions of commonly-encountered timeshare terms and phrases unique to the timeshare industry. Use our glossary as a reference tool to better understand timeshare terminology.

Buying FAQ

This should answer Most of your questions about the 'Buying Process', if not give us a Call @ 800-338-2900 or 425-467-0200

Points FAQ

Points — flexible "vacation currency" that can be used each year toward your choice of timeshare vacations.

Weeks FAQ

Often Timeshares are available in one-week intervals and this will give you a better understanding of how they work.